Jorge Soto – Future of early cancer detection

Jorge Soto in this intriguing TED Talk describes his team’s efforts in developing a diagnostic tool for early detection of cancer.  The highlights from his talk are:

  • The tool is minimally invasive as it requires 1ml of blood sample for analysis.
  • The tool is also designed to be affordable and inexpensive relative to time and money. It takes about an hour to complete blood analysis.
  • Finally, it claims higher accuracy compared to conventional approaches as it relies on microRNA as opposed to DNA assay testing for cancer detection.

Regardless of whether the tool and technique lives up to the claims, I applaud the focus, effort, and approach by his group to try and develop an accessible, affordable and high quality cancer detection tool.  We need to support and promote such groups and encourage others to do so. Innovation happens everywhere and when cultivated will benefit everyone.