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Dale Carnegie – Golden Book

Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book summarizes key principles from his best selling books including – How To Win Friends and Influence People and How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Briefly,

1) Become a Friendlier Person by seeking to listen, offering sincere praise and appreciation, while avoiding being critical of the other person.

2) Win People to Your Way of Thinking by first seeking an honest understanding of the other person’s ideas and desires and then exploring a win-win solution that also appeals to nobler motives.

3) Being a leader entails treating people with respect and dignity, offering encouragement and praise more often than pointing out mistakes, and finally giving them a reputation to aspire for and live up to.

4) Overcome worries by first understanding the debilitating consequence of worry on your health, then take a mental approach of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst and finally get all the facts, weigh them and once a decision is reached, act on it without second guessing.

5) Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and don’t worry about unjust criticism as they are disguised compliments.

6) Prevent fatigue and worry by resting before you get tired and learning to relax at work.

The rule book is in effect a cheat sheet of key principles from the two best sellers and can be accessed here.

Napoleon Hill – Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude

In this book, the author suggests that we have been bestowed with an immense power to transform our lives. This is the power of positive mental attitude (PMA) and has the ability to attract  wealth, success, health, happiness and whatever aims we may have in life.

Our attitudes shape our future.  PMA is an essential ingredient in all success.  But mastering the PMA attitude alone is not enough. The author also highlights  key principles that are necessary in combination with PMA to attain our goals.  They include:

1) Definiteness of purpose – Set clear cut  and specific goals. They will motivate you to take concrete actions.

2) Accurate thinking – Clear the mental clutter including  fear of failure, negative feelings, emotions, passions – habits, beliefs and prejudices.

3) Applied faith – If you are religious or spiritual, ask for divine guidance and help in finding the right solution. If you are not, believe in yourself and the infinite intelligence (Universe) to help you find the solution.

4) Master mind – Surround yourself with people invested in your success as well as those who can help you reach your goals.

“We translate into physical reality the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our minds, no matter what they are”

5) Enthusiasm – It is the perfect anti-dote to setbacks and negative emotions.  Be your own cheerleader.

6) Going the extra mile –  Edison tried more than 10,000 experiments before he developed the incandescent bulb.

7) Personal initiative – Don’t wait for things to happen. Seek them out and make them happen.

8) Pleasing personality – In other words,  hone your communication skills – verbal, written and listening. Become an effective communicator.

9) Using cosmic habit force – Apply the universal laws, whether you are aware of them or not.  For e.g. daily affirmations and visualization are thought habits that can transmute dreams into reality.

10)  Maintaining sound physical and mental health –   Nothing can be accomplished and enjoyed,  without good physical and mental health.  The bigger the goals, the heavier the lifting you will need to do. Ergo, maintain optimal health.

11)  Self-discipline –  Avoid procrastinating and stay disciplined towards your goals.  DO IT NOW.

12) Creative vision – Every one has creative ability, the key is harnessing it.  The source of all ideas are knowledge acquired through experience,  knowledge accumulated by others, and the infinite intelligence.

13) Controlled attention – Stay focused on task at hand and your goals.

14) Budgeting of time and money – Allocate appropriate time and resources such that your actions and efforts are maximized towards achieving your goals.

15) Teamwork –  Lean on your master mind alliance and work together towards common goals.  The whole is equal to sum of all the parts and greater than any of its parts.

16) Learning from defeat – Setbacks and defeats are part of life. But in those defeats, you may succeed in discovering something even greater, if you have the right attitude.

This book ranks amongst one of my all time favorites. The ideas that the author puts forth in this book were  conceived in the 1930’s and first published in 1960.   Even so,  they are just as relevant today as they were back then.  A must read.  You can access it here