Kedar is a multi-talented individual who is always pleasure to work with.  At Whirlpool, he skillfully applied his educational background in technology with his intuitive understanding of business management tools to attack difficult assignments totally unrelated to his experience

Kedar pays great attention to details, particularly early in a project where they matter the most, while somehow keeping the project on schedule. He studies the vocabulary, principles and issues associated with each challenge presented to him so as to rapidly gain credibility with the new people with whom he needs to work. Kedar strives to remain in tune with management expectations, even when they are not explicitly communicated to him, but finds diplomatic ways to adjust management expectations when they are not aligned with shareholder needs or with realistic deliverables.

From my experience working with Kedar, however, I would say his greatest strength is probably his repeated demonstrated ability to influence and lead cross-functional amorphous teams, over whom he typically had no management authority, by deftly combining his networking, project management and people skills

Stephen Krefman, Senior Counsel, Patents